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Feliz Envio

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We act as procurement agents for international chemicals/ ingredients/ polymers/ mineral distributors, also undertaking product and supplier developmental work on behalf of our international partners. Besides finding the most cost-efficient products on our partners’ demand, we constantly suggest products which our manufacturers are in a strong position to supply. Since we source products for a large number of international distributors, we thereby, have a large network of buyers that has helped us in developing a cordial relationship with a host of manufacturers (we work with about 400 Indian manufacturers). Our ultimate aim remains to promote our partner in the Indian industry and creating exclusive distribution arrangements.

Market research


Merger & Acquisitions



Besides India, we also procure products from nearby Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea & China, enabling us to supply even the products that aren’t available in the Indian market. We have thus proved ourselves to be a vital aid to our international partners who do not have sourcing arrangements in these countries.

Supply chain Management

In order to efficiently service the varied demands of our customers, we have tied up with the Logistics company to provide integrated end-to-end legal, logistical, warehousing and distribution solutions.

Transport Service - Sea, Aair and Road

Warehouse - C & F

Frieght Forarding

Project Cargo Transportaion

Custom Clearance

Waste Management

We provide end-to-end waste management services based on the principles of circular economy. We handle waste sustainably & responsibly for MNCs, tech parks, residential communities and other bulk generating organizations and institutions.

Feliz Envio being on the energy & Petroleum sector, we extend our service on collection of industrial wastes and process to recycling units. This way we would be able to adher to our organization values being a responisble for sustaianbile consumption and offer cost effective solution to our customers.

Feliz group is involved in collection of following industrial waste for recycling :

  • Used engine oils
  • Used cooking oil