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Bio Mass

Bio Mass

FE BioM – Biomass fuels are derived from carbon-based materials



FE BioM – Biomass fuels are derived from carbon-based materials contained in living organisms, which can be gasified. Current biomasses of interest for gasification include microalgae, crop residues, animal waste, food processing waste, municipal solid waste, sludge waste, and wood–wood waste.


Briquettes are used as a fuel for firing industrial boilers having high GCV over coal
• For Boilers at Sugar mills, paper mills, cement plant, chemical plant, Food processing unit, extraction units etc.
• For Metal heating & melting.
• For firing furnaces.
• Power generation units
• For heating green houses, cooking & residential heating.


• Extremely Dense
• Produced with Low Humidity Content
• High Combustion Efficiency
• Reduces Carbon Dioxide
• Can be used in Boiler
• Produces low greenhouse emissions


Based upon the type of wood, GCV and dimensions, multiple grade options are available.



Poly bags -25, 50 Kg ; Jumbo bags – 500, 1000 Kg,; Bulk truck loads


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