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FE BIT – Viscosity grade bitumen in four different types including VG10, VG20, VG30 and VG40



FE BIT – Viscosity grade bitumen in four different types including VG10, VG20, VG30 and VG40 is the most widely used bitumen in India, which has been replaced by bitumen penetration grade according to the Indian Standard (IS:73). This kind of bitumen is more reliable than others due to its advantages and properties.


• VG 10 – Recommended for road construction in cold regions & Ideal for spraying. Used in production of bitumen emulsion
• VG 20 – Used in cold regions for road construction
• VG 30 – Maximizes asphalt performance in hot regions. Better choice than bitumen pen 60/70
• VG 40 – Works in areas with high traffic loads. Well suited for road construction in hot weather


• VG bitumen is suitable for a wide range of temperature; 25 ◦C for fatigue cracking and 135 ◦C for construction, also temperature susceptibility can be determined

• Less number of tests save time and costs; according to IS it has only 7 tests while penetration has 14 tests.

• Longer durability: the pavement made from VG Bitumen will have better performance, because Viscosity value at 135 C gives sufficient idea about mixing and compaction temperature and as a result pavement life is improved.

• Any two samples of same VG bitumen would give similar rutting performance in hot summer unlike the penetration grade

• Minimum specified kinematic viscosity value at 135 C helps to minimize the potential of tender mixes during construction

• VG bitumen is suitable for areas with high traffic loads


  • FE BIT VG 10
  • FE BIT VG 20
  • FE BIT VG 30
  • FE BIT VG 40


Offered in Drums, Jumbo bag & Bulk


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